Ellen Hemerik

The basis of my life is the way I treat myself

My passion is to guide and coach people in their personal development based on spirituality, meaning, my holistic approach to mankind and behaviour, and the principles of NLP & Mindfulness.

I believe that people possess the abilities, powers and resources to grow, but that not everyone has access to them. Through our experiences in the past, learned survival mechanisms and convictions, we have drawn a map of our reality, our potential and our limitations. Sometimes this map is outdated, no longer functional and doesn’t bring us where we want to be. If giving and receiving regain balance, if we feel safe enough, we can shine a light on our map and move our limits.

You cannot grow until you accept where you are.
If you want to be able to choose, you need to know what you want.
If you know what your intention and essence are and what is holding you back, you can decide. You can take action. If there is progress, growth will arise.