Don’t find fault, find a remedy  (Henry Ford)

  • Personal sessions and coaching: without shaking a moral finger but with a sympathetic ear and a practical step-by-step plan: research of intentions, reflections on the effects of behaviour, increasing insight and awareness to encourage the first change, and support with the desired behavioural changes for more vitality.
  • Guiding and supporting themed group sessions.
  • Organizing themed meetings, presentations, coaching sessions.
  • Workshops aimed at self-reflection or behavioural changes where there is room to practise to support the development process.
  • Lectures about living with vitality, forming healthy habits, self-guidance and personal leadership.
  • Confidential counsellor and/or sounding board.
For organizations:
  • Supervising and coaching employees, managers or departments
  • Advice on increasing vitality and preventing illness
  • Stimulating ownership, taking and giving responsibility
  • Improving customer focus and commercialism
  • Improve communication and cooperation
  • Leadership development
  • Increase resilience
  • Learn to think and act on intention; vision development.