Coaching through setbacks: Resilience knows no limits!

Coaching through setbacks: Resilience knows no limits!

Sometimes you don’t know where you are. Sometimes you don’t know what you want. Sometimes you don’t know who you are anymore. Sometimes you don’t seem to be able to find the power to do; to do things differently. Sometimes you do things that aren’t good for you. Sometimes you can only see stumbling blocks. Sometimes things seem very dark and you would like to regain control. Sometimes your mind takes over. Sometimes you become afraid to feel.
Sometimes you can no longer think clearly. Sometimes you assume you know what the world thinks. Sometimes you lose touch of who you are.
Sometimes all of the above applies. Or maybe just a few.

It is time for ‘now’, time for a moment of silence, of rest. A moment of sitting back and doing nothing. Of just ’being’. You need someone to listen without judging you or rushing to the difficult questions, but to take a step back and reflect with you in safety so you can turn the light back on yourself.
Darkness is nothing in itself but only exists because of the absence of light. By turning the light back on you discover space. To meet yourself and awaken your intentions.

By being who you are. By getting to know your talents and capabilities and using them. By becoming aware of what drives you and the ‘why’ behind it, you can do what you truly wish to do but aren’t doing yet.

You can learn how to go from darkness to light, gain insight into your way of thinking, get acquainted with your highest intentions. And you learn effective ways to recognize, strengthen and apply them in any practical situation.

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