Chronic stress complaints and burnout

Coaching for chronic stress complaints and burnout

‘The Cortisol-manager’ is a hybrid program of e-learning combined with coaching sessions based on the biopsychosocial approach in recovery from chronic stress complaints and burnout.

It will help you to understand exactly what is happening in your body and learn how you can make sure that you recover, so that you will feel better faster.

In terms of content, the Cortisol Manager is about physical recovery, nutrition, exercise, mindset, relaxation, recognizing signals and self-management. Always adapted to the (biological) stress type and the pitfalls of this type.

The personal program, built with the building blocks that are relevant for the next step, is tailor-made and adapted to everyone’s energy level and pace.

With this program, currently only in Dutch, I can support and guide you towards sustainable recovery. If you want to know more, mail to