Courage is not the absence of fear, but knowing there is something more important.

I coach people who would like help reintegrating into the workforce, who struggle with addiction problems, unhealthy dependency (in relationships as well), setting limits (work, substances, behaviour), eating disorders, an imbalance in vitality, complaints like stress and burn-out and/or with finding a deeper meaning.

In order to be able to guide you in your development and/or with expanding a supportive behavioural repertoire, it is important to increase awareness, to learn to think and act purposefully, and to develop trust in yourself and your environment.

During the sessions I use various intervention techniques that I’ve become proficient at through self-study and specialist training and by putting them into practice, among which RET, Voice Dialogue, Systemic Work, Autobiographical work, TCI, positive and cognitive behavioural psychology, NeuroSemantics®, Matrix Coaching, Facilitating Collective Intelligence (R. Dilts), Mindfulness & Compassion therapy and a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Institute for Eclectic Psychology), Mindfulness & Self-compassion.