Existing is a fact, living is an art  (F. Lenoir, philosopher)

From a broad professional & experiential expertise I guide people and organisations through a wide range of questions. To gain more insight in the art of living through self-reflection, values and research, doing assignments, vision development, learning about self-management and personal leadership.

For example :

  • Resilience:being able to deal with a given situation, such as setbacks, more effectively.
  • Taking responsibility: only for the part for which you are responsible.
  • Ownership :(re)gaining control over your own life.
  • Signalling : recognising your needs by listening to your body and your emotions.
  • Burn-out : the physiology of recovery comes first
  • Regulation :effectively regulate your emotions.
  • Decisive power:dare to make choices and accept consequences.
  • Self-criticism :being able to stop negative thoughts.
  • Dependency:of undermining behaviour and/or destructive means and substances and breaking these unhealthy habits.
  • Vitality :more balance in your energy management through mental and physical health.

These are frequent occurring themes in which I can support and stimulate the learning process both individually as well as with groups.